A Resource for Your 2019 NT Study

In about two months as the calendar turns we will begin a new course of Church and home-based study focusing on the New Testament. The home-based aspects of this curriculum kind of require us to figure out how we want to approach it, and the encouragement of study groups provides another venue for some dedicated study. So I thought it might be helpful to point folks to a resource I believe they will find useful to that end: my Footnotes to the New Testament for Latter-day Saints. Old timers should already be aware of this resource, but I suspect it will be new to more recent readers.

This is a project I started in about 1999 and worked on for seven years, making it publicly available in 2006. The idea was to present the KJV NT with extensive explanatory footnotes explaining the sometimes difficult language of the KJV and providing some light background commentary, particularly geared to LDS readers. John Jenkins wrote the notes to Luke-Acts and Romans, the late John Tvedtnes did the Johannine literature, and I did the rest.

We made the files available for free, which can be accessed at Feast upon the Word here. You can open a pdf of an individual book, or if you want a hard copy of the whole thing you can order it in two hardbound volumes from Lulu or Amazon. It is self published, but the hardbound volumes turned out really well. (I get no royalties from any sale; they are sold at cost.)

I have a copy of the official manual, and it is very slight, so it occurred to me that some folks might appreciate our Footnotes as a way of pursuing a more substantive approach to the scripture in this new curriculum year.



  1. I have both volumes up on the shelf, next to several other study Bibles; I’ll second Kevin on this: they’re great references.

  2. Thanks! Being of the (somewhat) younger generation, I’m good with the pdf. For those that want a hard copy, I only see Vol. 1 on Amazon and Lulu.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am not of the younger generation, but I’ll manage with the PDF.

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    You can find volume 2 at Lulu if you go to the Feast upon the Word page and click on the volume 2 link there.

  5. Thanks, Kevin. I didn’t know they were available in hard copy.

  6. Aussie Mormon says:

    Had a quick skim through the start of Matthew and it looks like it’ll be useful.

  7. I’m really grateful to know about this. My aspirations to be thoughtful and methodical in study too often sink under the pressures of the day, so that by the time scripture study rolls around, we’re doing a pretty lame job. I look forward to having the resource to help me up my game.

  8. I was a little surprised to find the first listing on Amazon was for a used copy of Volume 1 from 2007 for $707!
    Noted just to protect unsuspecting readers. The pdf-s are free for the download. The printed copies (new) at Lulu are $37.95 (volume 1) and $32.95 (volume 2).

  9. Thanks Kevin. I was hoping to find a resource like this for 2019.

  10. Kevin Barney says:

    Thanks for the warning Chris! I had seen Amazon with a google search but didn’t even go there. If anyone wants hard copies, get them from Lulu. But for most people the pdfs should work just fine.

    Folks will note there are some additional helpful aids they might find enlightening, like descriptions of the basics of Biblical Greek and the basics of NT textual criticism.

  11. People might also be interested to know about a new book coming out any day now from the Religious Studies Center at BYU — an LDS New Testament study Bible, complete with a new, modern English translation and detailed historical/literary notes at the bottom of each page. https://rsc.byu.edu/upcoming/new-testament

  12. Kevin Barney says:

    JMS, thanks for the head’s up. I’m a fan of Thom’s work, so I’ll look forward to this edition with interest.

  13. Wow! Thanks. This has some of the things I’ve been working through myself–but already figured out. I’m looking forward to using this.

  14. Leonard R says:

    Thanks for sharing this resource. What a wonderful and deeply generous effort.

  15. Late to this party but didn’t want to miss the opportunity to express thanks to Kevin for this great resource! Indeed, the whole Feast Upon the Word site is great; hadn’t run into it before. One note is that the footnote documents are hard to find from the front page of the site – no link under New Testament…might want to make ’em a bit easier to stumble upon.

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