Our First Holiday Sale: Mormon Women for Ethical Government’s Little Purple Book

St. Nicholas MWEG Sale Day 1
Watch this space closely, BCC Press will be announcing some exciting Christmas deals on our ever-growing and supremely impressive list of titles. We start today with a special St. Nicholas Day sale on the Little Purple Book, the handbook and inspirational guidebook for the 6,000-member strong Mormon Women for Ethical Government. From December 6 through December 16, the Little Purple Book will be available for the almost-free price of $5.00 per copy. This is so that everyone who belongs to the organization, or who admires the work they are doing, can buy their very own copy. And those who really admire the work that MWEG is doing can buy their own truckload of copies to give to all of their friends. 

We at BCC Press think that truckloads are the correct unit for purchasing this title.

Also, by special arrangement, Mormon Women for Ethical Government gets 100% of the profits from The Little Purple Book. After paying off our overlords at Amazon, BCC Press receives a whopping 0% of the revenues for the book, as in zippo, nada, zero, zilch, bupkis. Everything goes straight into the hands of those who are using the money to change the world.

And while we are talking about MWEG, make sure to check out the newest Linda Walheim mystery by BCC Press powerhouse Mette Ivie Harrison. Not of this Fold is the fourth and best installment in this series (read Michael Austin’s review here), which began with The Bishop’s Wife in 2014. MWEG is actually an important character in this novel, which deals with the murder of an undocumented immigrant in a Mormon community. When she is struggling to find resources within the Mormon community to support a Christian discipleship approach to immigration, Linda encounters and joins Mormon Women for Ethical Government.–to whom the book is also dedicated.

We can’t discount it, because it is published by a major and impressive New York publishing house (Soho Crime) that doesn’t have to do what we say. But we can recommended the heck out of it. And we do. To quote from the linked review:

[There is a] social question at the heart of the story: how do we treat those not of our fold? The murder victim in the story is an undocumented Mexican immigrant named Gabriela. Her story starts to get to some of the core tenets of the Gospel, of Christian Discipleship, and of what members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other Mormons really mean when they say they follow Christ.

All of this is wrapped around a compelling intellectual puzzle and a portrayal of Mormons that will help those who aren’t Mormon see the diversity of our community and those who are Mormon–but aren’t Mormon in quite the same way that others are Mormon–understand each other better.

Come for the engaging intellectual puzzle and stay for the nuanced treatment of Mormonism. Or do it the other way around. But definitely come and stay. You won’t be sorry.


  1. What would you like to receive a birthday present?

  2. Melinda W says:

    I just bought “The Bishop’s Wife.” I’m on chapter 3 and liking it very much. Thanks for the recommendation.

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