2018 BCC Year in Review


In 2019, By Common Consent will enter its 15th year of Bloggernaccle existence.  The state of our imperfect union of informal bloggers is strong:  2018 clocked in as second only to 2015* in total traffic.  As the sun sets on 2018 , I thought I’d compile some highlights.

Total Posts: 424

Most Prolific Authors (more than 20 posts each)

  1. Michael Austin
  2. Carolyn
  3. Kevin Barney
  4. Sam Brunson
  5. Angela C
  6. J Stapley

Top 10 New Posts

  1. We Must Do Better On Violence Against Women (Carolyn)
  2. Some Thoughts about Joseph L. Bishop (Steve Evans)
  3. New YW and RS boards include two black women, “Common Ground” LGBT inclusion advocate (Cynthia L.)
  4. “No known records exist”: The fallacy of racial restriction origins (J. Stapley)
  5. Mormon Whisper Networks and #MeToo (Carolyn)
  6. Men, what will you do when my daughter asks about her place in this church? (Ashmae)
  7. Gerritt Gong and Susan Gong, my marriage, and why #RepresentationMatters (Cynthia L.)
  8. Defending the Temple and Priesthood Restriction as God’s Will (J. Stapley)
  9. Sitting in Council: First Sundays (Angela C)
  10. When part of you has left the church and you find yourself still here (Ashmae)

Total Guest Posts: 52

Top 10 Guest Posts

  1. Garments are Symbols of the Atonement (P. Anderson)
  2. President Nelson and the Problem of Prophetic Infallibility (T.L. Peterson)
  3. You knew what I was / Colorful Socks (JD)
  4. When Worthiness is Weaponized: The Problem with Ecclesiastical Endorsements (Richelle Wilson)
  5. Believe Women (Shelby Hintze)
  6. Where am I in belief? (Chris Kimball)
  7. Marrying Outside Of Mormonism (Julianne Weis)
  8. A Sister-Nurturer Reacts to General Conference (Bobbie Smith)
  9. Testing Bishops for Skills, Aptitude, and Narcissism (Chris Kimball)
  10. Where Can I Turn for Support? abuse.lds.org (Laura Brignone Bhagwat)

Top 10 Historical Posts Visited in 2018

  1. Mormons name their kids the darnedest things: Born in 2015 edition (Jessie Jensen)
  2. Mormons name their kids the darnedest things: Born in 2016 edition (Jessie Jensen)
  3. Activity Day Girls Craft Idea: Binary Code Necklace (Cynthia L.)
  4. Indiana Jones Is The Avatar Of Mormonism’s Intellectual Golden Age (Matt B. & Megan Harris)
  5. Primary Sharing Time Idea: Repentance (Cynthia L.)
  6. Heluth Hubener on the Day of His Execution (John F.)
  7. Female Garments: The Underwear Business (Angela C.)
  8. Patriarchal Blessing Lineages (Kevin Barney)
  9. The Mother’s Day Talk PSA (Mark Brown)
  10. On Getting New Garments (Kevin Barney)

Most Popular #BCCSundaySchool2018 Lesson

BCC Press Publications in 2018

Photo by Steven VanDesande Jr on Unsplash

*2015 exploded because of the November Exclusion Policy.  I fervently pray that tragedy is fixed, and that nothing similar ever again happens in Mormondom.



  1. Kevin Barney says:

    Happy New Year, everybody!

  2. Oooohhhh I haven’t been enticed by such a tangled warren of rabbit holes since Watership Down. I could read these for days.

  3. This is the best post of the year. One stop shopping for all the highlights.

  4. nice post!

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