The Middle

We’re told that the world is black and white

Good or evil

Right or wrong

And sitting in between is always gray

because it has to be a mix between the two

some right, some wrong

some good, some bad

But to me the middle is full of color






It’s something entirely different than the black or white

It’s not all the possible shades of gray

Because it is not gray at all

It is me

And I am so many colors


  1. Beautiful poem, especially after at least one talk I can think of this conference. Thank you.

  2. I hereby proclaim myself red!

  3. The annoying brother says:

    I was half expecting something either Malcolm in the middle in there or song lyrics

  4. said the poet:

    t just takes some time
    Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride
    Everything, everything will be just fine
    Everything, everything will be all right

  5. Colors are part of the white. A prism separates the colors out of light, and we can all pick our favorite color. But all we’re doing is emphasizing part of the light, part of the white.

    There are no colors between black and white, only shades of gray, which are merely dilutions of light.

    I’m not nearly clever or artistic enough to express myself poetically, but it’s not the physics that makes the analogy not work for me.

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