Welcome Richelle Wilson to BCC!

By Common Consent is thrilled to welcome a new permanent blogger to the team, Richelle Wilson.  Richelle is pursuing a Ph.D in Scandanavian Studies at the University of Wisconsin.  She also works at the Madison radio station WORT FM and serves as a copy editor extraordinaire at Dialogue: a Journal of Mormon Thought.

Richelle is well-beloved in the Mormon Studies community, but I called dibs on her blog nomination text because I’ve known her the longest.  Richelle grew up in Michigan and I grew up in Indiana; we met at an Especially for Youth on Indiana University’s campus nearly 20 years ago.  As teenage girls we bonded not over spirituality or service, but cute boys.  Richelle had an EFY crush-of-the-week on Spencer, a guyfriend from my home ward.  She calculated that if she befriended me she could triangulate her way into his social circle.

Richelle’s crushing attempts failed, but our friendship survived! One exchange of embarrassing AOL Instant Messenger screen names later (one of us was “argelfraster” and the other was “furpooch”), our sisterhood formed.  For the next decade we chatted often about academic drama, dating drama, church drama, and the eerie parallels of our lives.

If any of my enemies need blackmail material on me, Richelle and our ancient chat logs are excellent primary source repositories.Richelle Lucia

In the more recent decade, since we started doing adult things like “grad school,” we haven’t talked as often but have still managed to visit each other and/or catch-up approximately once per year.  During that decade Richelle’s accomplishments include:

  • Editing and writing for the journal of Scandanavian Studies
  • Serving as St. Lucia in the St. Lucia Day procession while studying in Sweden
  • Actively using GoodReads and cultivating an encyclopedic love of modern poetry
  • Knowing all the hip restaurants in Salt Lake City
  • Earning Maxwell Institute Summer Seminar (2017) and Wheatley Institute Summer Seminar Awards (2016)
  • Writing By Common Consent guest posts
  • Being my first houseguest when I moved to Washington, D.C.


In consideration of all of the above, and by the admin authority vested in me, I now bestow upon Richelle the keys of the kingdom of BCC.

All of you are invited to welcome Richelle by casting a sustaining vote.


  1. Kevin Barney says:

    Welcome Richelle! If you ever need to get bailed out, I’m NW of Chicago, so about 2-1/2 hours southeast of you. (I love Madison!) And if you’re ever In Chicago you should check out Tre Kroner, a Swedish restaurant that we love (and Santa Lucia shows up at the right time of year).

  2. Welcome to the BCC backlot, Richelle!

  3. Richelle says:

    Thanks, Carolyn, for the flattering words and for not redacting our AIM screen names from this post ;) And thanks to the rest of you for the warm welcome! @Kevin Barney, my partner lives in Chicago, so I’m down here a fair bit (including right now, this very moment!). I have heard about Tre Kronor and the Swedish wonders of Andersonville but have yet to make my way there. Would love to meet up sometime!

  4. New Iconoclast says:

    Welcome, Richelle! If you ever feel like a Big Ten vacation, I’m a few hours west, just north of Minneapolis, and I’m an alum of the University of Minnesota – another fine Midwestern land-grant university. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, let me know! I look forward to reading you here.

  5. richellejolene says:

    Thanks, @New Iconoclast! I’ve been up to Minneapolis a couple times over the past few years and have some friends in the area. I’ll let you know the next time I’m in the neighborhood. Midwesterners unite!

  6. Welcome!

  7. Wonderful. I really enjoyed your post on vocation. I recall it as a nudge to purchase “Mother’s Milk” which has greatly enriched my life. And that picture…? Well you are on fire girl .

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