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A Honduran asylum seeker, recently released from federal detention with fellow immigrants, holds the hand of her 6-year-old daughter at a bus depot in McAllen, Texas, on June 11, 2019.Christ in the Camps,” by Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic:

“I humbly reach out to the only faction of Americans I know of who have both the ear of the administration and who care about children: my brothers and sisters in Christ who attend Evangelical churches….I ask the pastors to request of the administration that all of us–the volunteers and charitable givers of all faiths and of no faith, the army of us who are so eager to help these children–can have access to the sites. Allow us to bring cots and toothbrushes and blankets and food. Allow us to arrange for carefully screened volunteers to work shifts at the sites, to help with diapers and bedtimes and combing for lice and checking for fevers. Allow us to be there when one of these children wakes up from a nightmare or breaks down from sorrow.”

As they used to say back when blogging actually worked, read the whole thing.


  1. Thank you. The author is right.

    As a church with a recent focus on helping refugees, are we involved with this crisis? Does anyone know?

  2. This is so, so true.

    As a father of five, I can’t imagine the turmoil in the hearts and souls of these kids being housed *without their parents* in these horrifying conditions — forced to sleep on cement floors without pads or real blankets, no soap or clean clothes, no human contact from adults, no play time or education, no reading books, not a single thing a child needs for emotional support and comfort. Based on living with my children, I know for a fact the heart-racing panic and anxiety each of these children is facing. As they wake up at 3am with no mother, father, or trusted caretaker there to help them get back to sleep. As they have a potty accident. As they are scared. As they are hungry.

    Mark my words, what we are doing to these kids in these “detention centers” (concentration camps) is a human rights abuse. It is a black mark upon our names for the rest of history. This is manifestly evil. This is the opposite of everything Christianity is or claims to stand for. It is beyond appalling. I am sick.

  3. Thank you for this. I’m grateful for the author.

  4. A wonderful article. Thanks for promoting it. Unfortunately, I do not believe Evangelicals actually have the ear of the administration. I think they are being used, which is not the same as listened to.

  5. Billy Possum says:

    To echo ReTx:

    Does anyone know what the Church is doing about this? the silence from newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org is deafening.

  6. @christiankimball, I’ve seen news articles of Evangelical leaders talking about how much this Administrations listens to them compared to paste administrations. Evangelicals love Trump, and declare him the most Biblical President ever.

  7. In doing this (and similar abuses on our own marginalized citizens), this nation loses credibility in the eyes of the world, its own citizens, and before God. I can’t celebrate this week. I can’t sing the national anthem & pretend this is a good nation when what’s happening isn’t because we don’t have means to fix it – we caused it. Please call your representatives if you’re in the US. This is deeply wrong.

  8. I read somewhere recently that for donations to be possible some changes in the law must occur. I do not know the details of this or recall where I read it. I would love to donate to help.

    That being said, I hate the politicizing of this issue. I did not vote for Trump or Hillary, but calling these centers concentration camps . . . Well, next thing you know politicians will be making the outrageous claim that women are being forced to drink out of toilets then rolling up their windows and driving off when someone asks if they’ve actually seen it occur.

    I don’t believe in open borders, but politicians on both sides need to pull their heads out and properly fund a solution to this crisis (that is suddenly not fake or manufactured). And make sure the way is open for us to donate relief.

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