Monday Morning Theological Poll: Sinful Stratification Edition

Which of these sins is closest to being the sin next to the sin next to murder?

Justify your answer below.


  1. None of the above although I’d put affinity fraud first. Breaching trust, ruining lives is, in my opinion, the worst *sin* on your list.

    Next to murder? None. Unchasity doesn’t make my list either. Kissing, *petting* as the elderly brethren would call it have nothing to do with murder.
    Although giving birth to a child without a stable environment is putting that life at risk, physically, and to the believer, spiritually.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Of all the sins listed, only one directly harms another person.

  3. “Sin next to” thinking doesn’t work for me, but I’ll play anyway . . . .
    Affinity fraud is in a different class — like putting assault and battery up against a list of “victimless crimes” where we have to debate whether there really is a victim.
    Among the next five I consider coveting the damning sin of our modern world—one word to wrap up the excesses of capitalism.

  4. Dog Spirit says:

    Assuming the sins are arranged alphabetically, the sins next to murder would be moneychanging in the temple and murmuring. By my calculations, the sins next to the sins next to murder would therefore be mischief-making and necromancy.

  5. What counts as Affinity Fraud?

  6. Michael Austin says:

    The sin next to the sin next to murder is, well, murder. I am fairly sure that, if pressed, I could prove this with math. It is worth noting, though, that for Dante, what we call “affinity fraud” is a far worse sin than murder. It is the defining trait of the ninth and final circle of hell.

  7. Let’s evaluate using Dante’s criteria.
    Affinity fraud: 8th circle
    Lust: 2nd circle
    Coveting: 4th circle
    WoW violation: 3rd circle
    Partial tithe: 4th circle
    Sabbath day violation: N/A

    So, yup. Affinity fraud wins.

  8. Since sexual assault wasn’t on here I went with affinity fraud.

  9. jaxjensen says:

    I went with coveting… reasoning that it is the sin most often leading to murder.

  10. None of the above. If adultery were on the list, I would have voted.

  11. Me too!

  12. For clarification: Buying fresh Illinois sweet corn at the veggie stand on the way home from church does not violate the Sabbath.

  13. King David broke most of the 10 Commandments – i.e. murder, adultery, stealing, false witness – in the incident with Bathsheba. If you ponder for a moment you’ll see that all of them began when David coveted. That’s why it makes Moses’ Top 10. Coveting is not the thought “oooh, that’s a nice car you have”. It involves intent and action and has led to most of the wars, from individual to worldwide, that have taken place.

  14. Taking the sacrament with the left hand.

  15. Why do individuals try to skew your surveys? Can we add attempts at deceit to your list?

  16. I voted for coveting, as it can lead to so many other sins (i.e. the love of money is the root of all evil). If lust had been replaced with the more specific ‘adultery,’ I might have voted for that, but as a broad category, the things we call ‘lust’ do not, for the most part, match up with the uglier things that people do in the pursuit of mammon.

    If it was an open-answer question, though, I would have said that the sin next to murder is sorcery.

  17. What is affinity fraud?

  18. I think the sin next to murder is rape or sexual abuse of a child.

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