Top 10 General Conference Background Suggestions

While Covid 19 is a threat to public health and is a disproportionate economic threat to some industries, one company that seems poised to win is Zoom. Zoom provides an easy-to-use virtual meeting platform that includes novelty backgrounds for the speaker to use, resulting in many educators finding themselves spoiled for choice, deciding what attention-grabbing background to use in their new virtual teaching environment. One of the most popular options is a Hogwarts background.

The next obvious question is, with a “virtual” approach to General Conference, should Church leaders consider backgrounds that will keep us riveted to their counsel? Here’s a list of my own top 10 choices for consideration:

  1. Toilet cubicle
  2. The running of the bulls at Pamplona
  3. Footage from a Covid-19 drive through testing facility
  4. The Prancercize lady
  5. Industrious ants
  6. A clown slowly applying makeup, then wiping it off, revealing a sad face
  7. Mushroom cloud explosions
  8. Time lapse photography of McDonalds food not rotting
  9. Titanic Rose floating on a door in a cold ocean, reaching out while shouting “Come back!”
  10. Snapchat filters of themselves

What’s your General Conference background scene fantasy?



  1. Wondering says:

    Grizabella ascending to the Heavyside Layer — but best if the TabCats sing “Memories” in the preceding broadcast.

  2. larryco_ says:

    Keystone Kops silent film chases, with the pipe organ playing mad-cap music between talks.

  3. Other video services have background swapping besides just Zoom.
    I would think that the only background worth watching would be the sky being unrolled like a scroll and the face of Christ appearing.

  4. The live view out of glass wall of BYU Jerusalem Center auditorium. Temple Mount with vehicle traffic on nearby road.

  5. The final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark with the ark disappearing into the bowels of the warehouse.

  6. President Nelson could make use of a heart surgery background (gross!)

  7. A Turtle Named Mack says:

    100 Billion rolls of toilet paper.

  8. A picture of angels with their silent notes taking.

  9. How about the ending to 2001: A Space Odyssey?

  10. The All Seeing Eye. Like the Masonic one in the SLC temple garden room.

  11. nobody, really says:

    Attach a GoPro to a dog’s head. Turn said dog loose in the SLC temple. Let everyone see how the construction and refit is going.

    And I really hope they restore the neon sword on the wall that they would switch on just before leaving the Garden room.

  12. Slow-mo images of priests coughing and sneezing into their hands right before blessing the sacrament

  13. nobody, really says:

    Ziff – I like your idea better, but add footage of tiny toddler hands touching Every.Last.Piece.

  14. Holy Grail scene where God says to stop groveling.

  15. Rigel Hawthorne says:

    Ponderize T shirt rack

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