A Little Light from BCC Press: A New Audiobook and a Free Kindle Surprise

The world is getting used to a new normal, and BCC wants to help. We have some exciting announcements coming up, but today we want to unveil a new direction for the most amazing little press in the Mormon Universe.

We now do audiobooks.

That’s right. While you have been struggleing with the implications of a global pandemic, we have been struggling with the implications of a global pandemic AND learning how to record and produce audiobook versions of some of our favorite books.

And we are well beyond thrilled to announce that our first audiobook will be our 2018 bestseller, How the Light Gets In, by Keira Shae. This powerful memoir of growing up on the mean streats of Provo (yes, Provo does have mean streets–read the books) has been lovingly read by the author herself and brought to market by the BCC Press Team. It is now available on Audible, iTunes, and wherever else fine audiobooks with Amazon-exclusive royalty agreements are sold.

And. while we are at it, we are selling the Kindle version of How the Light Gets In for the low, low price of ABSOLUTELY FREE. for the rest of the week.

And we are just getting started folks, the longer we are all hunkered down and responsibly practicing social distancing (which you should all be doing now and if you aren’t then repent before you take advantage of this offer), the more love BCC Press will be throwing your way. Stay tuned.


  1. Very nice. Thanks!

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