Free Audio Chapters for Your Book of Mormon Study

Yesterday, we let the cat out of the bag about our evil plan to flood the world with excellent, reasonably priced audiobooks of our best titles. And, like we always say, when the cat is out of the bag, you might as well listen to the meows. (OK,we’ve never actually said this until today, but you know what we mean).

Anyway, we have more audiobooks on the way, but the approval process at ACX/Audible/Amazon is so darn long that we don’t have more than one to show for the effort. We would like to give you a wealth of listening pleasures during the Coronapocalypse (Coronageddon? Covid-Nineteen-Ninety-Nine?). And (we just realized), we have the files. If we can’t find a way to sell them to you, we can GIVE them to you.

So, to further your religious education during the break, and to provide grist for the every-growing mill of “Home Church,” we present the following ten chapters from Michael Austin’s Buried Treasures: Reading the Book of Mormon Again for the First Time. These chapters are all read by Michael himself, whose calming, dulcet baritone will itself give you peace in difficult times.

These chapters are just about the right size for Home Church “talks,” and they are all taken from the first third of the book to fit with the current readings for Gospel Doctrine lessons. (Like any good Mormon reader, we have skipped over most of the Isaiah stuff). However, if you do want the Isaiah stuff, you can download a single file containing the first fifteen chapters by clicking here.

1-A Book to Kill For (1 Nephi 1-5)
2. Lehi’s Vision (1 Nephi 8)
3. The Americanization of the Christian Mythos (1 Nephi 10-14)
6. Etiology and Race in the Book of Mormon (2 Nephi 5)
8. We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ (2 Nephi 6-10)
10. Thoughts on the Isaiah Chapters (2 Nephi 12-24)
12. Pride and Polygamy in Jacob’s Discourse (Jacob 1-4)
13. The Allegory of the Olive Tree and Romans 11 (Jacob 5)
14. Sneaking Out in the Middle of the Night (Jarom/Omni)
15. Was King Bengamin a Socialist (Mosiah 2-4)


  1. Everyone should listen to 15. Nice work Michael.

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