New Audiobooks from BCC Press

We wept for a time that we had no more world to conquer. But then we realized that 1) weeping was silly; and 2) we did have a new world to conquer. The world of audiobooks. So, we conquered it.

And thus, BCC Press is pleased to announce that three more of its titles have now been released in audiobook format. They can be purchased anywhere that fine audiobooks are sold. Well, that isn’t quite true. They can be purchased through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Both are read by their authors and lovingly sound-engineered by the people at BCC Press.

First, we offer BCC star author Mette Harrison’s amazing book, The Women’s Book of Mormon. It’s a lot like the Book of Mormon, but with women in it. Lots of women. Communities of women with names and visions interacting with the divine and creating their own oral scripture to complement the official version that will someday end up in the hands of Mormon.

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Next, we have Harrison’s first book for BCC Press, and one of the first books we published: The Book of Laman. In this remarkable book, Mette takes an idea that originally sounds like a parody–the first part of the Book of Mormon from the perspective of Laman, the principal advisary–and turns it into a midrash. The Book of Laman is a serious and sincere look at how God’s power really can be shown through his interactions with the least of brothers. Much like his counteraprt in the Book of Mormon, Laman is a hardened murmerer and an enemy to his righteous brother. But he is also a soul who has been damanged, and who is ultimately healed by God’s love and grace.

Finally, we have Michael Austin’s Buried Treasures: Reading the Book of Mormon Again for the First Time. This collection of 44 mini-essays on the Book of Mormon began its life in 2016 as a series of blog posts for BCC. It is now available in a fine paperback, a Kindle edition, and an audiobook–all priced affordably. And here is a bonus: all royalties for this book go right directly to BCC Press to support more great books. (Michael doesn’t need any more money, which would almost certainly be wasted on Diet Dr Pepper and donuts anyway, so we aren’t giving him any). So, it’s like buying a great book and donating to BCC Press at the same time.

And while you are at it, don’t forget our very first audiobook, How the Light Gets In by Keira Shae. This story of a young woman growing up on the mean streets of Provo is one of our perennial bestsellers in print, and it is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the audiobook world.

And keep your eyes open for more audiobooks, including Mother’s Milk, which we can’t wait to share with you as soon as Amazon says that we can.

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