Another BCC Press Sunstone Sale–All Ebooks $4.99. Are we nuts?

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In case you missed the memo, BCC Press has developed a new web site and unveiled it at this year’s all-online Sunstone Sumposium. You have already seen Bob Rees’s book that we launched today as part of this grand unveiling. By Common Consent. And you know that we are selling all books by Sunstone Symposium speakers for 25% off.

But here is something new. Something else. Something wonderful. For the remainder of the week, BCC Press will be selling ALL EBOOKS for the almost free price of $4.99. But here’s the catch: you can’t get this deal on Amazon. You have to use our new Web Site, which you can find right here:

And wait, there’s more. For the first time in our history, we are selling ebooks in both MOBI format, which is good for Amazon Kindle users, and EPUB format, which works for almost everthing else. And they are all $4.99.

And also, you’re welcome.

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