Exponent II Editor Search

Exponent II, the mother of all modern Mormon feminist publications, is looking for a new editor for its magazine.

Founders of Exponent II in 1974

Exponent II began as the project of LDS women in Boston, including Claudia Bushman, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Judy Dushku, and others who aimed to make their faithful and feminist voices heard, like their suffragist foremothers who had published the original Woman’s Exponent in Utah. My dad was given a gift subscription by women in the ward of which he was bishop, so I grew up with Exponent II and have loved it all my life. My very first bit of published writing appeared in its pages in 1994 (or so).

The organization has grown into a feminist space for women and gender minorities across the Mormon spectrum, and the organization’s activities include the quarterly magazine, an annual retreat, a blog, and a robust social media community.

To apply for the Editor in Chief position, please send a cover letter and CV by September 15 to board@exponentii.org. The cover letter should include a brief description of your vision and priorities for the magazine. See here for more details about the position and its requirements.


  1. Stephen Hardy says:

    Would you be willing/able to name the people on each photograph? I know many names but I don’t know faces!

  2. Ryan Mullen says:

    Love the Easter egg, intentional or not.

  3. I can’t handle Ex2 FB page. I grew up w subscriptions, but the FB page is so mean and belittling to anyone may have a toe dipped in the church. So, if the magazine is headed in that direction, I can’t subscribe.

  4. Gg, in general I’d be wary of judging anything by what happens on Facebook. You can check out the Exponent II blog at the-exponent.com to get more of a sense of some of the voices, although the blog is inherently different from the magazine.

  5. Deborah, I do read the webpage. The editors are on FB and act so rude. It’s gross.

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