Fall is the time for a Bountiful Harvest from BCC Press

Christian Harrison and Jon Forsyth brought art and design together for the cover.

We’re just days away from stepping into fall, and here at BCC Press we promise you books that are ripe for the picking — get ready to gather them all. 

The first of our autumnal offerings is Charity Shumway’s latest book, Bountiful. It’s a warm, funny, and perceptive family novel about the complex relationships between parents and their adult children, and the ongoing negotiations required to maintain a place in a beloved community. 

Told from different points of view, the novel deftly takes you inside the minds and hearts of a mother and daughter whose perspectives will seem both familiar and new. 

With all five of her children now grown, devout Mormon and lifelong homemaker Nedra Walker is surprised to find her ambitions ignited by an open seat representing Bountiful in the Utah state legislature — an unexpected political turn after decades of domestic life. 

Nedra’s second daughter, Heather — single, nearing thirty, and freshly returned to Utah after years away for graduate school — is pulled into her mother’s campaign for office. But despite her best efforts, Heather’s progressive political stances create ongoing conflicts with her mother and threaten her first real (and, she worries, her last) chance for a successful LDS marriage. All of which makes Heather question what she really wants anyway. 

Charming, sympathetic, and spiritually insightful, Bountiful is an insider perspective on family and faith, with Nedra and Heather each forced to decide what is worth fighting to change and what is ultimately worth fighting to hold on to.  

Simon and Schuster published Shumway’s first novel, Ten Girls to Watch, and BCC Press is delighted to bring you her second. 

Bountiful is here, already to harvest — lay this up in store, and you’ll be glad you did!


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    Waaaait a second. I keep bumping into Shumways lately. First it was a couple of them in Art & Inspiration (the forty-year old book on Mormon Arts I finally cracked open), now Charity.

    But! The ur-Shumway in my experience is Oakland Stake hero Nedra Shumway. Nedra is not a common name. I’m assuming this is no coincidence?

  2. not a Shumway says:

    Charles Shumway, the ur-LDS-Shumway (by now a fairly common name in LDS circles — at least in Utah and Arizona):

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