The Twelve Days of Awesome Christmas Sale from BCC Press

The number twelve has special significance for Christmas. And for Mormons. We have Twelve Apostles, Twelve Tribes, Twelve Days of Christmas. Good things, it seems, always come in units of twelve.

This Christmas, BCC Press is tickled red and green to announce the Twelve Days of Awesome sale. Twelve of our greatest hits will go on deep discout today and will stay there for the next twelve days. These include all of our great Book of Mormon themed books from this year, plus some of the greatest hits from years gone by. Here is the complete sale catalog, complete with links:

BookAuthorNormal PriceSale Price
BountifulCharity Shumway$12.95$9.95
Sylvia Twila Newey $12.95$8.95
New Witness to the WorldRobert Rees$12.95$8.95
The Legend of Hermana PlungeAngela Liscom Clayton$12.95$6.95
Buried TreasuresMichael Austin$9.95$6.95
An Imperfect RoundnessMelody Newey Johnson$10.95$6.95
The Woman’s Book of MormonMette Ivie Harrison$10.95$6.95
Book of Mormon for the Least of TheseSalleh and Olsen$12.95$7.95
The Tragedy of King Leere, Goatherd of the La SalsSteve Peck$12.95$6.95
Homespun and Angel FeathersDarlene Young$9.95$5.95
RevolverHeidi Naylor$11.95$7.95
Lawless WomenHeather Harris Bergevin$9.95 $5.95

At these prices, we are sure that you will want to buy all twelve in multiple copies for everyone on your Christmas list. But just in case you have any money left over, we are proud to also announce three more things.

  1. The audiobook version of The Book of Mormon for the Least of These, read by the inimitable Margaret Olsen Hemming, is now available for purchase wherever fine audiobooks are downloaded.
  2. The Kindle version of one of our most recent books, Reapproaching Zion, is also now available.
  3. The Kindle version of our other most recent book, Craving for Beauty: The Collected Writings of Maurine Whipple, is also now available.

So start your Christmas season right this year by buying lots of stuff from BCC Press.

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