Special Musical Numbers, Christmas 2020 Edition

A member of my bishopric asked if I’d do a special musical number for church Sunday.

But given that this is 2020 and we have Zoom church, I’m not performing it live. Rather, I recorded it a couple days ago and will upload it to YouTube for him to play during our sacrament meeting.

I imagine that a lot of you may be in similar circumstances. Which has a really cool side benefit–we can share our musical numbers more broadly than just our wards! In fact, we can share it with the internet at large!

So what I’m thinking is this: on Sunday after church, I’m going to put up a post with a link to my number. I would love it if, in the comments, other people who are performing Christmas music for church also posted their performances. That way, we can all share in the uplifting Christmas spirit!

If, for whatever reason, you’re going to play live over Zoom instead, please feel free to have a family member or housemate record you on their phone. Mostly, let’s just get a lot of Christmas music up here!

And, while YouTube and Vimeo links would be awesome, if you don’t want video of you online, feel free to post Soundcloud links or whatever else. What matters is (a) that it’s you and (b) that it’s the kind of thing you’d play at Christmas in church.

(Also, fwiw, I’ve been trying to record a holiday song a day since late November. If you’re interested in my takes, you can check them out—sans Sunday’s piece—here.)


  1. This is a great idea, Sam–thanks!!

  2. Excellent idea. As someone who the music fairly overlooked, I appreciate those willing to share their gifts.

  3. Oh! Will the Church internet now allow YouTube? Last I tried to use it, it was blocked.
    I learned to download from YouTube to my computer in order to use what I wanted for the GD class. :)

  4. Wondering, I don’t actually know. My ward has been meeting over Zoom for the last several months, so the church’s wifi policies won’t affect our Christmas services.

  5. Our ward’s doing in-person + Zoom meetings from the chapel. I suspect our using Church internet for Zoom would still encounter whatever blocks remain in place. BTW, the quality of the music heard over our Zoom system is so bad I can’t listen to it. YouTube is somehow very much better.

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