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Now that we’re past Thanksgiving and Black Friday, a young man’s fancy (or in my case, an old man’s) turns to thoughts of Christmas. I love Christmas like Ebenezer following the nightly specters, and so I usually put up a post or two during the Christmas season on the subject of Christmas. It occurred to me that some of our newer readers might appreciate a convenient index to those prior posts of mine, so I have provided one below. Merry Christmas! (If a link doesn’t work, just do a search on the post title and it will come right

The Messiah

Why I Love Christmas


Good Will toward Men

Christmas in Israel

The Birth of Christmas as we Know it

The Census

Pax Christiana

“O Little Town of…Nazareth?”

The Magi

Notes on Mt. 2:1-12 (The Magi Continued) 

The Christmas Star (The Magi Continued) 


In Sweet Jubilation!

Do-It-Yourself Messiahs

Whadja Get?

The Best Ward Christmas Party Ever

Saints and Angels Sing

When Was Jesus Born”

“Because there was no room for them in the inn”

When do you take down the Xmas Tree? 

Non-Christmas Programs in Sacrament Meeting Today

My Christmas Traditions

The Christ Child

The Slaughter of the Innocents

Our Christmas Traditions


  1. Kevin Barney says:

    To be clear, I originally tried to do links, but it was a mess, so just do a search on the title in the blog search bar above.

  2. “I love Christmas like Ebenezer following the nightly specters…”

    Me too!

  3. Kevin Barney says:

    I just listened to the first two episodes of Rick’ Gospel Tangents interview with the late Dr. John Pratt, in which he dates the birth of Christ to April 6, 1 BC and the first vision to March 26, 1830. Needless to say, I disagree.

  4. Thanks Kevin, I have always enjoyed your Christmas posts over the years.

  5. Kevin, I’m familiar with different schools of thought on the date of the birth of the Savior, but Dr. Pratt’s date is the only one I’ve heard put forward for the first vision. Since your comment, I’m curious to know your thoughts on it. Have you written on it elsewhere?

  6. Kevin Barney says:

    I wasn’t familiar with Pratt’s argument for the date of the first vision. (If you are interested you should listen to the Gospel Tangents interview.) Without looking at it closely, I am skeptical we can know such a thing with such precision.

  7. dustinmiles says:

    Kevin, thanks for the reply. I do think it makes sense to be generally skeptical towards something like that.

  8. Christmas says:

    For their first Christmas in the White House, the Biden family will celebrate with the theme of “gifts from the heart” for their holiday , get now on more gift for this days .


  9. Taiwan Missionary says:

    Thanks for your post and your ruthless editing.

    My own thoughts on abortion are “nuanced,” and were greatly influenced by my late wife. My wife was a Registered Nurse in the Army, raised Catholic, and converted to the Church at 22. She did not like abortion, and persuaded several of her patients to carry the child to term, for adoption, instead of having an by abortion.

    My wife was also strongly pro-choice. She strongly asserted that no one had the right to make a decision about keeping a pregnancy, other than the pregnant woman. She particularly pushed back against men with sexist attitudes trying to pressure pregnant women to keep a child they did not feel they could deal with—particularly in the Church.

    It IS possible for a believing Church member to be BOTH pro-life AND pro-choice. And that member should be able to discuss her or his position with someone of differing views, without rancor.

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