The Brain’s Lectionary—Something New and Beautiful at BCC Press

The Brain’s Lectionary by Elizabeth Pinborough, cover by Christian Harrison

We have a simple mission at BCC Press. We work with brilliant and creative individuals to create truth and beauty in the world that would otherwise not exist. And sometimes, we do such a good job that pride overwhelms us and we have to repent. We will be repenting a lot this week as we release Elizabeth Pinborough’s true and beautiful new collection of art and poetry, The Brain’s Lectionary: Psalms and Observations.

You’ve got to see this book. We’ve been working for months to get it right. You see, The Brain’s Lectionary is a book about recovering from traumatic brain injury. The poems were born out of a brilliant poet’s five-year quest to redefine her life, her sense of herself, and her understanding of poetry after experiencing a devastating injury. Everything about this book reflects its purpose. The shape of the poems reflects their origin in trauma and healing. The typeface and layout were designed to make easier for brain-trauma survivors to read.

And the poems and images themselves—oh my, you HAVE to see them. Here are just a few samples.

But wait, there’s more. We are also making the author’s introduction available below. Read it. Buy the book. You will love it.


  1. Sounds like a very interesting collection of literature. As one who’s experienced a type of brain injury, I’m sure I could identify with much of the struggles expressed. The brain is so connected to the mind and our sense of self that it can be so difficult to go through this kind of injury. I’m sure these works were very cathartic for the author.

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