New BCC Press Book: Warner Woodworth’s Radiant Mormonism

Warner Woodworth’s new book Radiant Mormonism is an actual event, and an important one at that. If you don’t believe us, listen to Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Mohammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, and a worldwide leader in micro-finance. Yunus pioneered the practice of giving small, simple-interest loans that impoverished people can use to start their own businesses and raise themselves from poverty. This is what Dr. Yunus has to say:

Professor Woodworth became a great friend over the years. He invited me many times to speak to his students and conferences. It led to his many visits to Bangladesh to spend time with Grameen Bank. He and his band of Brigham Young University students have rolled out multiple NGOs around the globe, and this book explains how and why.

If this doesn’t convince you, perhaps one of the other 19 endorsements will, including Joseph Grenny, Richard Bushman, Matt Bowman, Terryl Givens, Robert Rees, and Margaret Young. At the bottom of this post, we will a special section of all of the book’s endorsements along with our requisite free sample.

Like Professor Yunus, Warner Woodworth is an internationally known expert in microfinance who has spent his career putting a lot of money where his mouth is. Dr. Woodworth is a Professor Emeritus at the Marriot Business School at the BYU. He has worked all over the world to find productive ways to fight poverty. Working with collaborators, he has founded or served on the boards of some 41 NGOs in dozens of countries in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere. And he has helped to raise more than a billion dollars to fund these ventures.

And it is all here in this book. The stories about how it happened. The theoretical basis of the microfinance enterprise. Practical steps for making a difference. And—this is really important—he explains how the imperative to engage in enterprises that relieve human suffering on a large scale, flows directly from the core principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yeah, its that good.


  1. I have known Warner for years. Many of us support good causes, often financially or just in word, but Warner is the only person I know who goes out and does this in person at a truly significant level all across the world. His level of commitment is as Christlike as anything I have ever witnessed. He has done more than anyone I know to alleviate poverty and suffering in many, many countries. This is a book I will be buying, and I suspect that Warner is probably donating all the proceeds from its sale to charity.

  2. Scott Abbott says:

    congratulations Warner! look forward to reading this

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