General Boards: Relief Society Minutes

Recently, the Church History Library released digital versions of the Relief Society General Board minutes. This is a wonderful resource and it contains excellent clues about social issues facing Latter-day Saints and one of more important ways in which the church began a broad interface with organizations of descendants of the Benevolent Empire as well as secular institutions devoted to and run by women. It also affords excellent leads for those (like me) who want to see how women in the church interacted with the teachings, policies, practices, and economies of the church especially in the Intermountain West of first half of the twentieth century. Dive in!


  1. Aussie Mormon says:

    Anything particularly cool (for reasons other than social history) hidden in there?

  2. One general thing is the identification of now little- known insiders and thus their own records, diaries, etc.

  3. Tanner Durant says:

    Hey! I’ve been lurking on this blog since like 2006ish and it never occurred to me to make an account and join the conversation. I’m excited to be here! Thanks for sharing this info.

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