Poetry and the Feminine Divine: A BCC Press Spring Sale

It’s spring, and, as we all know, this is the time that Persephone is released from the underworld and returns to Demeter, who, in joy and gratitude, makes the flowers bloom and the weather fair. And nothing says Spring like poetry, and, at BCC Press, we are all about poetry. From now until Mother’s Day, you can get an amazing deal on some amazing poetry by and about women—strong women, lawless women, mothers, daughters, maidens and crones. So celebrate with Demeter and check out our amazing deals on poetry that matters.

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  1. tannerdurant says:

    I’ve been enjoying studying some of the classic 20th century BCC ish poems from “Harvest: Contemporary Poems,” which I believe Eugene England edited. Been studying, in particular, this poem, Christmas in Utah, by Leslie Norris.

    Christmas in Utah

    In barns turned from the wind
    the quarter-horses
    twitch their laundered blankets.
    Three Steller’s Jays,
    crests sharp as ice,
    bejewel the pine tree.
    Rough cold out of Idaho
    bundles irrational tumblewood
    the length of Main Street.

    Higher than snowpeaks,
    shriller than frost,
    a brazen angel blares his silent trumpet.

  2. I love that poem tannerdurrant, thank you for sharing that, it brought me back home. What an interesting crisp picture. Love the paradox of blaring and silence at the end. Is it acquiescence or aspiration? Still keeping an ear open.

  3. I won 2 of those 6 books. (the Hollands- love those. Love my Heavenly Mother, I don’t care what any white male says, I pray to her)
    Since the intro talked about Demeter (I don’t pray to her, but I love her, the most accessible of the pantheon to the common hard-scrabble folk), I am going to spam y’all with my poem that features her Roman iteration.

  4. Oops, don’t understand how links work apparently, that brought to a different place, moderator feel free to remove that link if necessary, here is just the poem.

    Come Soft Snows
    Come Soft Snows.
    Let fall the hush
    That renders Ceres still.
    Hold fast yet
    When time her sleeping silence keeps,
    Beneath the whited hill.
    -Lona Gynt, January 1987

  5. jumping onto this sale for the other 4 books, thank you BCC for all the great poetry all the time.

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