Public Service Announcement: going down.

Hey all.

I (WVS) am the admin for which houses things like the Parallel Joseph and other similar Mormon related source material. The server operation that it runs on is changing hardware/software and BoAP may have to go off line for a few weeks while a friend and I look at some different possibilities for Linux servers. If you or anyone you know happen to use the site, pass the word if you think about it. At most I’d guess it could be down for a month or so beginning around Thursday this week (April 14, 2022).


  1. My sysadmin friend was able to do a seamless transition to a new hosting service and it looks like we won’t have any down time. Huzzah!

  2. Ardis E. Parshall says:


  3. Is there a way I could contact you (WVS)?

  4. @WVS question for you: I have been reading a few comments on this site from 2017, and they reference some kind of upcoming book you were putting out about Witsoe, Roberts, Smith, etc, and their opinions about intelligences, element, the plan of salvation, etc.

    Does that book exist? Do you have compilations on the subject?

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