BCC Press Presents: Litany with Wings, by Tyler Chadwick

One of the things they tell you in business school is, “focus on what you do better than anyone else.” This is really hard for BCC Press, since we do so many things better than anyone else. But one of the things we do really, really well is poetry. That is why we are pleased, proud, preening, and prancing around to bring you Tyler Chadwick’s new poetry collection, Litany with Wings.

Litany with Wings is, among so many other things, a devotional book, one that (and we’re quoting the back cover here), “meditates on a range of ideas central to his Mormon faith—the work of creation (divine and human), family life, community, grace, loss, memory, faith, scripture, prayer, theosis, godhood, and the divine feminine. We’re going to give you two poems for the Easter season.

The first one—”On Crucifixion (2004) by J. Kirk Richards”—is the first half of a sequence called “Diptych for Jesus (Lover) on the Cross.” It is a meditation on this beautiful painting by J. Kirk Richards.

And, of course, since this is the week we celebrate the Resurrection, how about this amazing poem, the poem that gives the volume its title, based on the famous visual poem “Easter Wings” by George Herbert (and another painting by J. Kirk Richards):

There are times in life when we all have to make difficult decisions. Fortunately, whether or not to read Litany with Wings is not one of them

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