Presenting A World of Faith, Second Edition

The first edition of A World of Faith, by award-winning Salt Lake Tribune religion reporter Peggy Fletcher Stack, with illustrations by the phenomenal artist Kathleen Peterson, was published in 1998 to thunderous applause. Plaudits for this edition came from former president Jimmy Carter, Notre Dame University President Theodore Hesburgh, and professional free-thinker Paul Kurtz. It was an enormously successful volume. A commemorative version was published in 2001 to celebrate the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

A World of Faith is based on a simple concept that is devilishly hard to execute: take some of the world’s major religious faith traditions, write a one-page explanation of their history and belief system, make the text simple enough for young children but interesting enough for seasoned readers, and pair each entry with a gorgeous illustration depicting aspects of the religion.

BCC Press is thrilled to announce the all-new Second Edition of A World of Faith. It’s like the First Edition, but better. For one thing, six new, non-Western religions have been added into the mix to produce one of the most diverse introductions to religion ever published. Here are the 32 faith traditions represented in the volume with asterisks by those new to the Second Edition:

All of the text from the First Edition has been revised, often substantially, with input from scholars, clergy, and adherents from the religious traditions being described.

This is a book designed to build bridges, to teach children about the diversity found in the world’s religious traditions, and convince adults that each person’s path to God is beautiful and profound in its own way. At BCC Press, we are happy to be part of this effort.

Here, as a preview, are four of the entries from A World of Faith: Anglican, Taoist, Lakota, and Nuer. We share this with some trepidation, knowing that there is a very good chance it will cause so many people to want this book that Amazon’s printers will jam and the supply chain will be disrupted again. But it is a risk we are prepared to take.


  1. Fantastic! I absolutely love my copy of the first edition and can’t wait to get a copy of the second one.

  2. christiankimball says:

    Ordered. Amazon lists the issue date as December 15, 2022. I assume that’s the new edition.

  3. Chris, that is the correct edition. It is just slightly more expensive, as it is pulling from Ingram, where bookstores can buy the book wholesale, so the price assumes a substantial discount that doesn’t apply when it is sold on Amazon.

  4. christiankimball says:

    (With help) found the right one, dated January 17, 2023.

  5. Really looking forward to this. Well done to everyone involved!

  6. Stephen Hardy says:

    Just ordered mine!!

  7. First I have heard of such publications. I have belief and faith in God, raised in the LDS Faith, but now identify myself first and foremost as Christian, with the faith in which I was raised as secondary. Have long since learnt that all Faiths have something to contribute to the progress of humanity, with none having an exclusive monopoly of Godly truths. Look forward to obtaining a copy of such book.

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