Welcome M. David Huston!

By Common Consent is pleased to welcome M. David Huston to our perma-blogger ranks. He’s been writing guest posts faster than our ability to publish them, so we opted to give him WordPress credentials. Please join us in welcoming him.

M. David Huston lives and works in the Washington, DC metro area. He and his wife have four children, and the children have three fish, two snails, two bearded dragons, and a dog. Though he spent most of his youth west of the Mississippi River, he has lived on the east coast the last two decades, and will likely remain on the east coast for the foreseeable future. His bachelor’s degree from Utah State University (Logan, UT) and master’s degree from American University (Washington, DC) gave him the skills to pay the bills. His master’s degree from Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC) gave him a foundation and vocabulary for deepened theological investigation and spiritual engagement with the Divine.

He is a long-time reader, and previous guest blogger, of By Common Consent. He has also written for poetry, international affairs, and other LDS-related publications. In his spare time, he enjoys the Grateful Dead and other Dead-adjacent musicians and bands, as well as a variety of other artists in a multitude of other genres. He is a deep believer in the power of community, the criticality of relationship, the essentiality of neighborliness, the transformative capacity of covenant, and the all-encompassing and redeeming nature of love. 


  1. Welcome, David! We’re thrilled to have you on board with us!

  2. This is good news! Like everything else, the Bloggernacle has seemed to do little but contract in the past few years — now we have this expansion!

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