Aaron B.

Aaron B. is one of the original Jedi at By Common Consent. After nearly a two year sabbatical, Aaron B. has returned from the ranks of the Emeriti to take his rightful place among the permabloggers. Aaron is also an attorney by training, who divides his time between investment management/trustee work, handling political asylum cases, and various exploits in the non-profit sector. He graduated from BYU in 1997, from Harvard Law School in 2000, and he lives, works and breathes in Seattle, Washington. Aaron is married to the lovely Stina, and has one daughter, Annika. Aaron is a Gospel Doctrine teacher in his ward, and he loves the Gospel Doctrine manual, which he knows with every fibre of his being to be the best possible manual imaginable, and he also knows that anyone who disagrees is soooo going to the Telestial Kingdom, he is not even kidding.

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