Angela C (Hawkgrrrl)

Angie in TaiwanAngela C (aka Hawkgrrrl) is an American business executive currently living in Asia; she is married with three children and a succession of ill-fated hamsters. She served a mission in the Canary Islands and has an English degree from BYU. She has been blogging since 2008: first at Mormon Matters, then at Wheat & Tares which she co-founded. You can also find her at She likes to oil paint, travel, and brag about her oil painting and travel. Things she misses about the US: fat free food, adjectives, garbage disposals, and reliable access to toilet paper in public restrooms. Things she doesn’t miss about the US: tipping, surly flight attendants, accumulating stuff, and sales tax. Her dream is to be an artistically important and possibly critically acclaimed author, or in lieu of that, corporate sellout toiling in obscurity.

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  1. I just read one of your very well written articles about the dress code standard and culture at BYU. The very reason I would never apply to that school even though a large majority of my family went there. I’m in the military and our standards are more lenient than BYU and there is a lot more accountability.

  2. Angie, I love these posts, especially the Devil’s Dictionary. But frustrated because there doesn’t seem to be a way to comment on them. Hey … did you figure out a way to block present/former Bishopric members?

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