Summer Reading

Summer’s here and, for some of us, this means more time to read. Yeay! Here are my top three wicked cool picks for Summer 2006. [Read more…]

To the Fathers in Zion

Fathers’ Day is this Sunday, and I’m wondering where the bloggernacle fathers are. [Read more…]

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Our Brother

If I met Abu Musab al-Zarqawi on the street, he would probably have had me killed, or done the job himself. News reports say that he personally decapitated people, and was directly responsible for thousands of civilian deaths. Zarqawi violently thwarted the rebuilding of a war-torn country, and he had to be stopped. But he was our brother, and I mourn for him and for his family.

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I recently lost someone very important to me. My cat, Oscar.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, the fact that I’m so distressed over losing Oscar is something many people just can’t feel a lot of sympathy for. Plus, there are quite a few virulent cat haters out there. I’ve decided that cats need to chip in and hire a crack PR team, because cats have lower approval ratings than President Bush in Cambridge, Massachusetts. [Read more…]

“Angelina-Jolie Pregnant”

Okaaaay. So, new topic. Pregnant women and designer clothes. Yay or nay? [Read more…]

Does God Need a Press Secretary?

It’s the day before Memorial Day weekend, and I’ve got something on my mind (besides making the spinach salad we’re taking to the Ward’s barbeque). Does God need a Press Secretary? [Read more…]

The Superstitious Worldview

I recently read a book about an autistic boy, Christopher, who creates order in his universe by counting cars. If Christopher sees four red cars in a row on his way to school in the morning, he will have a Good Day, and if he sees five red cars in a row, he will have a Super Good Day. But four yellow cars in a row (he hates yellow) forebodes a Black Day, which means Christopher doesn’t eat lunch or speak to anyone.

Lately, I’ve observed similar ways in which people find order in their (own) universes. For example, if the Red Sox win, it’s a good day.  [Read more…]

Confronting Pornography: A Book Review

April_2006_book. Edited by Mark D. Chamberlain, PhD., Daniel D. Gray, LCS., and Rory C. Reid, MSW.

In recent years, we’ve heard a great deal from our church leaders about pornography. The book, Confronting Pornography (published by Deseret Book), is a compilation of advice from therapists and others who counsel LDS members struggling with pornography and sex addiction. The twenty-seven short articles in the book provide practical information from a gospel perspective on how to (1) understand the issues and prevent pornography addiction, (2) support those who struggle with pornography use, including both the individual and the family members affected, and (3) take steps to overcome pornography and sex addiction. [Read more…]

The Gifts of Church

Last night, I attended a lecture given by the Reverend Deborah Little, an Episcopal priest who created a street ministry in Boston to minister to the homeless. Rev. Little came to this work after a long career as a professional business woman, where she actively participated in many volunteer organizations. Along the way, however, she realized she needed to make significant changes in her life and establish a street ministry to work with the poor:

Although I’d never been what I thought of as a “churchy” person, I thought the real work of healing and liberation had to do with God and community and sacrament. I wanted to bring the sacraments of the church to people who may never be able to come into our buildings.

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On Strike!

I remember traveling through Italy a few years ago where, at various times during our trip, every method of public transportation was on strike. In Venice, even the taxi boats were on strike, stranding us at our hostel on one of the nearby islands. We couldn’t even hail so much as a gondola to take us back to the mainland. But, since it didn’t make a difference to us whether we stayed an extra day here or there, we took it all in stride and busied ourselves eating more grapes and chocolate until a Fabio look alike rescued us with his private yacht. [Read more…]

If your wife says it’s okay, it’s not cheating?

For all the die-hard Utah Jazz fans out there, Andrei Kirilenko is a star in an otherwise lackluster line up. But lately newscasters and sports announcers have been talking about Kirilenko’s marriage, rather than his basketball skills or his recurrent (fake?) injuries. In the current issue of ESPN The Magazine, Kirilenko mentions that his wife has agreed to allow him to sleep with one woman per basketball season. “If I know about it,” Masha Lopatova (his wife) said, “it’s not cheating.” [Read more…]

Excessive Entanglements in Massachusetts Adoption Law

In Massachusetts, gay and lesbian couples may marry and adopt children. Massachusetts law requires adoption agencies to obtain licences from the state, and, as a condition of being granted a license, to refrain from discriminating against prospective parents because of their sexual orientation.

The Catholic Church views adoptions by gay and lesbian parents to be “gravely immoral”, and now seeks to exempt their adoption agency, Catholic Charities of Boston, from Massachusetts’ anti-discrimination laws. [Read more…]

Public Humiliation at Church

Today’s Boston Globe printed a huge, full-color front page picture of Sasha Cohen falling on her bottom during last night’s figure skating competition for the Olympic gold medal. Poor Sasha. The indignity of falling on your butt is mulitiplied exponentially when the entire world watches you do it, and then replayed over and over and OVER again. After years and years of flawless practices, you fall on your bottom in the only two minutes that actually matter. And then you’re reminded of this humiliating incident everywhere you turn. Sasha wound up with the silver medal anyway, so hopefully she’s not too disappointed. [Read more…]

Enrichment Announcement

I received an email announcment today about February’s Enrichment being an activity to learn how to cut vegetables. It was a fun email, and I had originally posted it here for laughs, but I have decided to take the email down. The person who wrote the email might not appreciate it being posted for all (the millions of) BCC readers.

So, um, what were some of the best Enrichment nights you attended?? :)

I Can’t, She Said

I recently read a comment about a father rejoicing that he was able to bless his young son, who was in a coma and near death. In his comment, the father said that he was able to bless his son because of his own personal worthiness to exercise the priesthood, and that he couldn’t imagine any sweeter feeling. After reading this comment, I immediately dashed off my reply, “Neither can I, Geoff”, but I didn’t send it. [Read more…]

Mormons and Euthanasia

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Oregon’s euthanasia law today. Oregon’s law allows terminally ill patients, defined as patients whom at least two doctors agree have six months or less to live and are of sound mind, to choose when to end their lives. [Read more…]

Day of Remembrance

I went to a dinner party last night at the house of some Haitian friends. It was a wonderful (if chaotic) time. Over the past few years, I’ve become acquainted with many Haitians and Haitian culture, and I am usually blown away by how kind, how wise, and how filled with enthusiasm for life, for friendships and family they are, even in the face of recurring tragedy. Visiting their country was an experience I’ll never forget. [Read more…]

Nothing Gold Can Stay

I love being a blonde. LOVE it. Love the feeling of coming home from the salon, looking in the mirror and feeling like a million bucks. [Read more…]

Are Mormon Men Sissies?

Much has been written here about the struggles Mormon women face in carving out their own identities and finding personal happiness while fulfilling expectations of the Church and the broader society, particularly with respect to pursuing both a career and a family. This issue is a hot button topic for many. But what about the men? Are there similar contradictions in Mormon doctrine and culture that make it difficult for Mormon men to reach personal happiness and fulfillment in the Church, while living up to the expectations of the “real” world?
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Mormon Disobedience

As Mormons, we’re supposed to uphold the law of the land. But, living in a democratic society, the law of the land is subject to change. When do we decide which laws to keep and which laws to break? Do we have a moral obligation to advocate changing an unjust law?
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