Born Alive

I often disagree with the pro-life hardliners around the bloggernacle. But the relatively recent Florida infanticide in the news lately — according to the news stories I’ve seen, there is not a lot of dispute as to the facts — is something everybody should agree on.

Some readers are opposed to abortion in most or all cases, but for those who are not, the only reasonable arguments for abortion rights center around the freedom and autonomy of the mother. Once a child is delivered, there is no question. Infanticide is never acceptable.

Pro-choice progressives should be more vocal in denouncing this infanticide. It’s a shame that the pro-life crowd have been the only folks complaining about this incident. Yes, some conservative commenters are using the incident to make broader critiques of abortion. But that’s no reason why progressive pro-choicers should not be vocally denouncing the infanticide and calling for punishment of the doctor, as well as safeguards against this kind of thing happening again.

Quick Notes

Q. What is the church’s official position on intact dilation and extraction, also known as partial-birth abortion? [Read more…]

Should racism be a temple recommend question?

God’s second commandment, love thy neighbor, clearly leaves no room for racism.

Neal A. Maxwell, “Deny Yourselves of All Ungodliness.” [Read more…]

Christmas Eve

We have to make reindeer food, of course. Reindeer prefer chocolate and Chex, and you wouldn’t want the reindeer to go hungry.


The kids leave a snack out for Santa, too. It’s a well-known fact that Santa is a big fan of cheese. [Read more…]

The Devil’s Mashed Potatoes

The moth-eaten parchment fragment fell from the false lid of the blackened old cedar chest, its letters atrophied, its ink faded. [Read more…]

Musical interlude

Enough politics, already. Here we go, strictly for fun.*

A deer, a female deer
A drop of golden sun [Read more…]


Short(ish), possibly accurate answers to some legal questions about Prop 8.

Q1. What happens to the 18,000 same-sex couples who married in the interim?

A. Nobody knows. [Read more…]

Son1’s Testimony

“I have a testimony that God can help us find the answers to our questions. I was trying to find out the difference between anti-neutrons and neutrons. I googled it, but the first link I clicked on didn’t really explain it. Then God told told me to look it up again when I failed the first time. So I clicked on a different link, and I found a site that had some information about them, including the difference. A neutron is made of an electron and a proton, but an anti-neutron is made of a positron and an anti-proton.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

We spent the rest of sacrament meeting giggling over silly anti-matter jokes. Like: If Nephi and Lehi lived in an anti-matter universe, what would they be?

JRCLS Fireside

Consider it your chance to interrupt Kaimi having fondue with the legendary (yes, he really exists!) Greg Call. Also, to discuss same-sex marriage. Really! [Read more…]


I’m really jealous of Mark. [Read more…]

Seeking for Mormon Feminism – Part I

Bloggernacle voices (and I’m one of them) often point out that church structurally disadvantages women in a number of important ways. Women are denied the formal leadership structure of the Priesthood; limited in other official roles; subjected to a variety of messages. Indeed, an outside observer might think, from reading bloggernacle posts alone, that women would be fleeing in droves from this anti-feminist church, leaving behind only a foul-smelling, unshaven, male-populated shell of an organization.

They would be wrong. In fact, women seem to consistently be the most active church members. This is perhaps the trickiest conceptual problem for the Mormon feminist: Explaining the appeal of this anti-feminist church to so many actual women. If the church is such a bad place for women — and conversely, such an unfairly good place for men — then why are women so much more likely to attend church? [Read more…]

A change on Domestic Partnerships?

Today’s statement from the church about marriage is intriguing because of what it says about non-marital legal rights. [Read more…]


What are people’s thoughts, so far? What sessions have you liked, or loved, or hated? (Who got to see the feminist firestorm session?) I’ll type up some more detailed notes, soon — I hit the FLDS, Web 2.0, and motherhood sessions, myself, and there was a lot of good stuff — but in the mean time, let’s open a thread for general comments.

Moderation in all things

Like many of you, I’ll be attending Sunstone this year. I’m looking forward to many of the panels. Kristine and Janet and Jana and Bored in Vernal will be speaking. Armand Mauss and Claudia Bushman and John Dehlin and John Hamer and Lorie Winder and Paula Goodfellow and Newell Bringhurst. _Nobody Knows_ will show. Really, the only thing that worries me is the moderation. [Read more…]

The Ballard of Melvin Russell

Is it just me, or has Elder Ballard really been on a roll lately?

For instance, his 2004 talk, “O Be Wise“, contains some of the best advice about church service that we’ve heard in a long time. [Read more…]

You can leave your friends behind

Saturday night found me — where else? — on a crowded dance floor, surrounded by fourteen-year-olds. [Read more…]

Everything I really needed to know about relationships, I learned from the Old Testament

A partial list of things the Old Testament teaches or suggests about sex, marriage, and relationships:

1. Kidnapping and rape are perfectly acceptable ways to find a wife. (Judges 21: 16-23; Deut. 22:28-29)
2. Don’t underestimate the benefits of visiting prostitutes. (Joshua 2) [Read more…]

Same-sex marriage and hypocrisy?

This post started life as a comment at Chino Blanco’s TPMCafe blog. However, the comment never cleared moderation there, clear evidence of a conspiracy to keep Mormons out of the discussion wacky technical glitch. Given the conspiracy glitch, I thought I’d post a slightly modified version of the comment here. In it, I try to address Jason’s suggestion at TPMCafe that the church’s published statements against same-sex marriage shows “blatant hypocrisy and shameless disregard for Mormon history.” [Read more…]

Republicans are from Mars, Democrats are from Hell

This month’s Sunstone contains an absolutely awesome reader letter explaining the relationship between Republicans, Democrats, politics, and righteousness. It goes like this: [Read more…]

Confronting those in need of comfort

My reaction to John’s reaction to the LDS reaction to the FLDS situation was a little different. I really don’t think that we’ve been overly apologetic, as a people, for polygamists. In fact, I find it horrifying how quickly church members and leaders were to throw those folks under the bus.

The most prominent reaction comes from Elder Quentin L. Cook, a recently-sustained member of the Twelve. In a smiling, amiable, six-minute video (available through the church website), he sets out a number of points. [Read more…]

Junior Primary Pianist

Today is the day that Son1 will play piano in Primary. He’s been working on Book of Mormon Stories for a couple of weeks now, and he’s got it down, cold. He’s ten years old, and it will be his first time playing piano in public. [Read more…]


“We conclude that retention of the traditional definition of marriage does not constitute a state interest sufficiently compelling, under the strict scrutiny equal protection standard, to justify withholding that status from same-sex couples. Accordingly, insofar as the provisions of sections 300 and 308.5 draw a distinction between opposite-sex couples and same-sex couples and exclude the latter from access to the designation of marriage, we conclude these statutes are unconstitutional.”

California Supreme Court decision, In re Marriage cases.

How should we feel about this? [Read more…]


A familiar face returns to BCC. Kaimi Wenger was around when we founded this scrapheap years ago, and remains one of the Bloggernacle’s most recognized names. He used to be a real lawyer, but now has left that noble profession to teach hapless 1Ls about res judicata and other worthless arcana. Welcome back to this errant knight, this prodigal blogger who now guests among us.

Justice Brandeis’s famous phrase “sunlight is the best disinfectant” set the tone for a century of securities regulation. The rule is this: To pass muster under securities laws, you must disclose. You must give accurate and complete material information to investors. And that’s about all. It’s fine if your business plan is “We will buy large quantities of lead and then hire a wizard to wave a magic wand over the lead, turning it into gold.” The SEC will not say, “That’s an idiotic business plan, buster.” What they will ask, is, “did you disclose?” And as long as you disclose, you’re generally okay (some exceptions below), no matter how ridiculous your business plan may be. This approach reflects a particular philosophy of law, a hands-off, laissez-faire approach to regulation. The SEC’s role is to make sure that the markets have accurate and complete material information — and after that, to get out of the way and let investors make their own choices. It assumes that investors, individually or collectively, are pretty good judges of information and are well-equipped to figure things out, themselves.

Or, to put it in Mormon terms, “I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves.” [Read more…]

I Hate Women

Most of the time, when I blog at Times and Seasons, I find myself stuck in the role of peacemaker.  Take, for example, my last post regarding feminism as a zero-sum game.  I had to negotiate carefully between the feminazis that frequent my blog, and the more conservative men that comment regularly.

Well, I’ve had enough.  So, it’s only appropriate that I just come right out and say it: I hate women.

[Read more…]

A very important and serious policy debate between the candidates

is available here.  Not a bad tune, either.

A poll to bring back those good ol’ days

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your old AP what your reply was . . .

Worst Uber-Mormon Children’s Names

We’ve all seen it: The family you’ve just met introduces you to their sons Moroni, Mosiah, and Brigham. Not only are they goofy names, they’re names that scream out “look at my Mormon-ness!” [Read more…]

Poll: Cleaning up the Movies

Movie editing is all the rage these days, as various companies (operating in a nebulous world of copyright) create “clean” versions of movies for the demanding (and paying) LDS customer. (For one article on the subject, see here). And what a job description — “the person who looks for sex and nudity in movies in order to filter it out later.” I’ll bet they don’t have difficulty filling the position of the guy who looks for the sex. (Hey, I wonder if they’re hiring?)
[Read more…]

Another chance to show off your erudition!

(I know, I’m using the term icon loosely — it’s not like I had a lot of material to work with here).

Two polls in one day – Yowza!

Your chance to sound off about the demigod of Mormon authors: