He will find his way home.

It was 10PM on a Sunday in August, a decade ago. The next day was the first of three day-long sessions that comprised my comprehensive PhD exams. I was just thinking about how I probably should call it a day pretty soon when the phone rang. It was the police. [Read more…]

A Temple Heart

Twenty years ago today, I was endowed in the Idaho Falls Temple. This temple was where my parents and grandparents had been endowed and sealed. [Read more…]

Bob Dylan, Joseph F. Smith, and the Price of Revelation

Prophethood is a tough racket. [Read more…]

What Quentin Tarantino Taught Me About the Temple

I attended the temple for the first time on February 26, 1994. It was an icy day in Idaho Falls and I was home for the weekend from Utah State University in order to “take out my endowments,” as my tribe is wont to phrase it. Although I was raised in the church and have church ancestry going back to 1830, I never liked attending LDS meetings. Never. [Read more…]