Gun Violence in Our Upside-Down World: A Sermon

We Mormons don’t give sermons. We give talks. We like our pulpit-talk, and all of our talk for that matter, to be collegial, mild, and soft. Given the choice we’ll always take banana bread. “Talks” don’t make waves.

Today I want to sermonize. I want to call down a some fire on Pentecost and shine with the Glory of the Lord. I want to call our people to real action, challenge our thinking, and pound the pulpit while I do it. 

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The Name of the Church: Some Half Baked Thoughts

I recently wrote a guest post regarding my nostalgia for the ‘I’m a Mormon’ Campaign. In that post, I argued that the campaign espoused a sort of inclusive Mormonism that we would profit from remembering and embracing. 

It was not my intention to start a debate on the wisdom of moving away from the Mormon moniker. The comments on that post, on the other hand, almost immediately did. As did the comments on a recent interview I did with Mormonland on the same subject. 

 With that in mind, it’s time to give the people what they want and share my own thoughts on the question. In this post, I don’t intend to make a full pro/con type argument surrounding the effort to remove “Mormon” from our vocabulary. Instead, I just want to offer two points on the debate that I feel are worth further consideration and, at least in my view, offer some nuance as we continue with that conversation. Both of these points are reflective of the ongoing thinking I have on the topic and may not be fully fleshed out. With that in mind I ask for your patience, and for you to set expectations accordingly. 

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