BCC Papers

Volume 1, 2006

1. Kim Östman, “Early Mormonism in Finnish Newspapers, 1840-1849,” BCC Papers 1/1, July 2006.

2. Kevin L. Barney, “On the Etymology of Deseret,” BCC Papers 1/2, November 2006.

Volume 2, 2007

1. Samuel Brown, “Encounters with Orthodoxy: Alexander Men, Modern Martyr,” BCC Papers 2/1, February 2007.

2. Kevin L. Barney, “On Elkenah as Canaanite El,” BCC Papers 2/2, April 2007.

Volume 3, 2008

1. Ronan James Head, “A Brief Survey of Ancient Near Eastern Beekeeping,” BCC Papers 3/1, February 2008. http://www.bycommonconsent.com/2008/02/bcc-papers-3-1-head

Volume 4, 2009

1. Kim Östman, “European Newspaper Coverage of the Eldorado Raid: Selected References,” BCC Papers 4/1, August 2009.

Volume 5, 2010

1. Stephen Cranney, “Josephus and Joseph: A Brief Comparative Study of Mormon Scripture and the Antiquities of the Jews,” BCC Papers 5/1, January 2010.

2. Christopher C. Smith, “Is ‘Suspensive’ Historiography the Only Legitimate Kind?” BCC Papers 5/2, May 2010.

Volume 6, 2011

1. Grant Hardy, “The King James Bible and the Future of Missionary Work,” BCC Papers 6/1, February 2011.

2. Zebulun Q. Weeks, “The Last Days of Joseph and Hyrum Smith: A Chronology,” BCC Papers 6/2, March 2011.

About BCC Papers

BCC Papers e-publishes short scholarly papers on any and all Mormon Studies’ topics: scripture, theology, history, and Mormonalia of all stripes. All work will be submitted for peer review. To submit material, please email ronan at byu dot edu. Papers will be published as and when they complete the review process.

We welcome submissions from established scholars who would like to publish pieces quickly and receive public feedback on works-still-in-progress. We would also be happy to act as an outlet for quality papers that are not quite able to make print publication (for whatever reason).

BCC Papers also intends to bridge the gap between blog posts/internet miscellanea (short, unreviewed) and full academic papers (longer, reviewed). Through peer review, we can help turn rough but interesting blog posts into proper pieces of academic scholarship more akin to the articles published in the established journals. Perhaps after gaining confidence through BCC Papers, authors will begin to publish further in the print outlets.

Editor: Ronan James Head. Reviewers: John Crawford, Kristine Wright, Jonathan Stapley, Kristine Haglund, Benjamin Jordan, and Kevin Barney.


  1. Hey Ronan, Could you tell us a little more about this change? Why is BCC Papers taking over Archipelago? Is BCC Papers a joint effort with Dialogue?

  2. Why is BCC Papers taking over Archipelago?

    Archipelago was envisaged as a “journal” with semi-annual “issues.” This seemed too formal for an internet project. The web’s strength is immediacy, which is why we decided to publish papers, rather than a journal. As BCC already has a strong web presence, and as I am already involved with BCC, BCC became the new home of Archipelago.

    Is BCC Papers a joint effort with Dialogue?

    No. Dialogue already has an e-papers series. That said, we would like to partner with Dialogue and any other Mormon Studies journal to publish quality papers that don’t quite find a fit in a print issue. As stated above, we can also offer established authors access to very fast “publication.”

  3. Christopher Smith says:

    So, uh… I feel stupid asking this but… how does one submit a paper for publication?

  4. Email ronan at jhu dot edu

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