Thursday Morning “Wow, am I ever sick of this topic!” Poll

Folks, is your enjoyment of the bloggernacle at a bit of a low? Are you sick of rehashing all the same old topics over and over again? At BCC, we are striving to make your Mormon blogging experience more pleasurable by admitting that we are really very sick of these topics, too. If only there were some means (aside from self-discipline) to make us stop talking about things that we are tired of discussing.

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Bloggernacle Classics: The Banner of Heaven Weblog

Welcome back, students of Bloggernacle History, to another entry in Bloggernacle Classics! It’s been a few months since our last lesson, but I hope that you’ve kept your pencils sharp and your notebooks dust-free, because our next lesson is a whopper.

Every community, no matter the size or location, has some common features and characteristics–it has heroes, villains, successes, and failures. Every community also has it’s dark secrets. Mind you, I’m not talking about simple rumors that get passed around the hair salon or ghost stories used to scare little kids into behaving properly–I’m talking about the sort of thing that no one ever talks about. Ever. Anyone who enters the community after such a secret is buried will possibly see passing references to it here and there, but vagueness and confusion surround them, because again, no one will talk about these dark secrets. Naturally, the unwillingness of the locals to talk about these community secrets serves only to make them even more a point of curiosity and intrigue to newcomers, and unless you’ve got the Sheriff on your side, eventually the curiosity will win out and the skeletons will be dragged out of the closet by force. [Read more…]

Bloggernacle Classics: The R-Rated Movie

Bloggernacle Classics, a Continuing Series

It is time once again for the young students of the Bloggernacle to open their notepads and prepare for study, as I present the second installment of my fledgling series, Bloggernacle Classics.[1] You may recall the first entry revolved around the exploits of BCC’s own Aaron B., who has recently returned from the ranks of the Emeriti to grace BCC’s screen on a more regular basis. Today, my subject matter is the R-Rated Movie. However, the purpose here is history, not doctrine; therefore, the pros and cons, the virtues and evils, of R-rated movies will not be reviewed.[2]
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Bloggernacle Classics! (a continuing series)

Note: Today, Brethren and Sistren, I begin a continuing series called Bloggernacle Classics[1],aimed at both educating the current generation of bloggernacle readers in the nuance, culture, and history of the Mormon blogging community, as well as providing the esteemed older guard a chance to reminisce of the days of old.[2]


This first edition of Bloggernacle Classics is not only educational, but also practical. You see, things have changed in recent times at BCC. Darkness crept back into the posts and comments. Rumor grew of a Shadow in the sidebar…whispers of a nameless fear. Well, not really nameless actually–it’s Aaron B, who has made his long-awaited return to By Common Consent with two flame-inspiring posts about OD-2 and annoying right-wingers.[3] Sadly, for many current participants in the bloggernacle, Aaron B. is an unfamiliar name, and “Prudence McPrude” means nothing to them. I hope to rectify this sorry state of affairs today, and help them understand why, upon hearing of his return, my palms got all sweaty and I started to blush like a school girl.

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