Thursday Afternoon Spiritual Artwork Poll

Feast your eyes upon the artwork below, and then tell us: Which one evokes the most powerful spiritual feelings.

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Friday Afternoon Hypothetical President Poll

Everyone has been talking lately about whether or not President Obama is a Muslim or a Christian, or at least talking about what other people think he is. While his beliefs may influence his actions behind the scenes, it’s my understanding that President Obama doesn’t regularly attend church anyway, on the grounds that to do so would be disruptive. This seems like a pretty good reason to me, and I understand that President Reagan didn’t attend church during his terms either.[1]

My question is, what would a hypothetical President Romney do? Wouldn’t it be pretty disruptive if he did attend a DC ward?

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Monday Night Lived Mormonism Poll: R-rated Movie Spirituality Edition

If yes, can you provide specific examples? If no, what specifically leads you to believe that this is the case?

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Tuesday evening poll: modesty and being tall

As a tall woman whose garments fall about 4″ above the knee (regular, not petite size), am I obligated to wear skirts or shorts that cover the garment well, or that go all the way to the knee?

My thoughts: the church can’t be bothered to manufacture garments to fit too-tall freaks like me (update: see comments #36 and #38), I get that, totally. But, guess what, neither can any commercial clothing company. [Read more…]

BCC Zeitcast 42: Cooking With Booze

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After last week’s excitement, we felt that a quick turnaround was needed to keep the children happy before Christmas, and a bonus Zeitcast/Poll Combination should do the trick. In this edition, Scott B. and Cynthia L. sever ties with Tiger Woods before discussing Stake Christmas concerts and engaging moral dilemmas about shopping on Sunday, babysitting, and cooking with alcohol. Cynthia then sets forth judgment on the Bloggernacle’s status as a full tithe payer.

Links for your convenience, as well as the poll, below the jump.
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Friday Morning Theological Poll: Temple Sealings

During our Stake Temple Day the other night, our Sealer posed the following question:


Don’t believe the (happiness) hype

Will Wilkinson, commenting on Catherine Rampell’s “The Happiest States of America” article on the NYTimes’ Economix blog, suspects “a skoche of culture-driven upward inflation” is at play in the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which puts Utah at the top of states reporting a general sense of happiness (HT: Greg). More specifically, he states:

I’ll vouch for the fact that Utahns are exceptionally chipper. Though perhaps it should be noted that some Mormons are almost ideological about the idea that they ought to be happy.

Just some Mormons, Will? Happiness is inherent in our ideology. [Read more…]

Tuesday Afternoon Theological Poll: Christian Paradox Edition

Could Christ have sinned prior to the age of accountability?
Answer after the fold.
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Monday Mid-day Theological Poll: Pre-existent sinnin’ edition

Excepting the sons of perdition, is it possible for a spirit to have been less valiant in the pre-existence? [Read more…]

Temple in Greater Kansas City Area [Poll]

[poll id=”116″]

Personal Barometers of Institutional Apostasy (or, Your New Weekly Firestorm/Poll)

For those of us who consider ourselves to be believers in the basic claims of the Restoration and the authority claims of the LDS Church, I offer the following query:

In your opinion, what would constitute a signal that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had drifted into institutional apostasy? [Read more…]

Your (not) Monday poll #19

Stapers’ and Mark’s talk of bacon got me thinking… [Read more…]

Your (not) Monday poll #18

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Your Monday poll #15


Mixed Signals

Greg at T&S posted poll numbers from a Gallup poll. As you all know, I love the polls.

The folk’s overall favourable opinion of us is 42%; while unfavorable is 46%. There is nothing particularly surprising about that.

More surprising, Republicans dislike us at a rate of 52% (the highest among political parties (Dems dislike us at a rate of 47%)). This is particularly interesting because Liberals dislike us 61% compared to Conservatives 45%. These numbers do not make very much sense to me, so I turn to you to explain it to me.

Feel free to comment on other aspects of the poll, which also shows that Catholics like us more than Protestants and frequent church-goers dislike us more than infrequent church-goers.

Mormon Culture Tournament – Elite Eight

Our final winners from the Sweet Sixteen were:
1. Angel Moroni, 3. CTR Rings, 5. Large Families, and 11. Scripture Marking. Dan, NOW YOU KNOW MY PAIN!

Stiff upper lip, people! We must persevere:
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Mormon Culture Tournament – Sweet Sixteen, Part Two

Ok, so this has taken longer that we all expected. Just think of it as rising tension. There will be a big payoff in the end, I am sure.

The winners from last time are: #4 Pioneer Day (Nooooooooooooooo!); #12 Euphemisms (Heck, Darn, Flip); #5 Missions; #4 The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

It’s okay. I’ve recovered from the crushing defeat of funeral potatoes. I’m sure you have all grieved with me. It is time to move on.
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Mormon Culture Tournament – Round 2, Part 2

Okay, so there was way too much time between part 1 and part 2 of round 2. I will be blaming that on the raging cold I am currently suffering through (even though I didn’t get it until today). I am miserable and therefore everyone should be miserable (especially those items that lost last week).

Speaking of which, our winners from the last competition were:

1. Funeral Potatoes (despite heavy anti-tuber lobbying), 10. Johnny Lingo (despite heavy admin lobbying), 5. Missions, and 4. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Hey, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad!

Today’s contestants are:

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Mormon Culture Tournament – Round 1 Part 2

The winners from last Friday are:

1. Funeral Potatoes, 15. Wedding Receptions with Basketball Hoops, 14. Delivering meals to the sick and recently delivered, 4. Temple Square, 12. Euphemisms for swear words (Heck, Flip, etc.), 6. Food Storage, 7. Cheerios in Sacrament Meeting, and 8. I am a Child of God. Poor J. Golden.

Today’s contestants are: [Read more…]

Mormon Culture Tournament – Round 1 Part 1

Here are your voting options. Remember the question you are seeking to answer is “Who Wins?”

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The Bracketology of Mormon Culture

If you recall, back in the doldrums of November, we proposed a contest: A battle royale between various elements of Mormon culture. We took suggestions regarding what should be discussed and retreated to the bat cave in order to put the pieces together. Our efforts have been rewarded. We have a bracket!

For each of the two entities pitted one against another, you must vote in a poll that answers one question: “Who wins?” Polls begin on Friday, lasting for 24 hours. This gives you two days to prepare your bracket.

Why should you prepare your bracket? Because there is a fabulous prize (a CD containing all the winners of the Playlist Thunderdome contest at our sister blog, Kulturblog). Because you will earn bragging rights. Because you can!

Behold the bracket: bracket-1.pdf

Enjoy yourself. Post comments on the seeding, the selections, and the joy of crushing your opponents below.

The Abraham “problem” (or lack thereof)

Once upon a time, when I had to choose an ancient language to study, my advisor — who knew I was a Mormon — advised me not to study Egyptian. “Mormons should stay away from Egyptian,” he said. The implication was that an induction in hieroglyphics would shatter my faith. [Read more…]

The Year In Review: Be of Good Cheer Poll

We couldn’t close out the year with at least one more poll — so enjoy!  To vote or see results, click below.

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A Name and a blessing

OK, this post is to solicit votes on a permanent blog name. Suggestions thus far include:
The Rameumptom (or some related variations)
Zeezrom, Esq. (though that limits our followers to lawyers)
Cureloms & Cumoms (who knows what those are)
Navajo Taco
Wagonloads of Plates
By the Regular Sign

any other culturally pregnant and semi-irreverent suggestions? Winner receives a gift certificate to Chuck-A-Rama*.

I guess if I had to throw in a Church topic, it’s also to discuss the most uneasy and uncomfortable blessing in the Church, that of baby blessings. How are you supposed to do it, anyways — are you talking to God or to the baby? How are you supposed to segue from the naming to the blessing part? It’s such an awkward scene, too, because I think it’s the only blessing in the Church that’s public, except for confirmations. Does anyone know where the tradition came from for blessing infants? Is it something from the early days of the church, or more recent?

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