D Christian Harrison

Urban enthusiast, professional storyteller, man of faith.

Christian hails from Spokane Washington, where he joined the Church as a child, in the footsteps of his eldest sister (who shortly moved to Mexico to escape the chaos at home). In her absence, the Lord looked after him by gracing him with neighbors who happened to be LDS—including his mailman, Bro Sweeney, who was assigned as his home teacher, and Sis McLaren, who called every Saturday night to remind him of choir practice.

After serving in the Canada Montréal Mission, Christian attended BYU, where he studied Int’l Relations, French, Mandarin, and Danish. At the start of his junior year, Christian co-founded a software company that pioneered online shopping systems.

Today, Christian works in the fields of strategic and visual communications. He’s also active in local and regional political circles—advocating on behalf of urban dwellers, transit users, and the homeless. When he’s not working, politicking, or preparing for his EQ lesson, he’s traveling, hosting dinner parties, or catching something at the theater.

He’s single and looking.



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