Kristine Haglund is the oldest child of a physics professor and an English teacher. Family scripture study of Genesis was likely to be supplemented by enforced readings of Stephen Hawking and John Milton. Needless to say, she had no friends in elementary school and thus had time to begin reading the Collected Works of Hugh Nibley and finish all of the Nancy Drew mysteries and 89 of the Hardy Boys. In fifth grade, she misspelled Massachusetts on the states and capitals test, and now, as a matter of poetic justice, she lives in Massachusetts with her three children, none of whom has yet shown any interest in Hawking, Milton, Nibley, or Nancy Drew. Her most impressive talent is a wicked imitation of Grover from Sesame Street, but she did graduate from college and write a master’s thesis comparing the development of orientalist themes in German and British Romanticism. She knows what “hermeneutics” and “soteriology” mean, although she wouldn’t be caught dead doing either.

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