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The Mormon Lectionary Project (image: DCH)

The Mormon Lectionary Project (image: DCH)

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The Mormon Lectionary Project


  1. I serve as a Chaplain in a long term care facility in which 99% of our residents come from a faith background that is liturgical in nature. Being my faith background is LDS it took me a little while to get use to leading worship following the liturgy, but once I got use to it I too have found I have holy envy for the liturgical practices of the mainline christian church. I find this series very useful and inspiring as I write sermons and plan worship. Keep up the great work!

  2. That’s really good to know, Mike.

  3. I am from a mixed-bag of Christian traditions, but by far my most in-depth formative experiences have been as a traditional Catholic, followed by Anglo-Catholicism. I am currently seriously looking into the LDS as a sincere seeker, in large part due to my appreciation for those ‘plain and precious things’ I believe that have been restored, the majority of which are connected with the Temple. As a high churchman, however, I feel that the low church nature of wards may be somewhat of a stumbling block to me. If the following should seem presumptuous, accept my comments with due charity. Yet due to my faith journey I come to the restoration with a very different mind than the Protestant matrix out of which the LDS emerged.

    Hypothetically, I cannot see any reason why their couldn’t be high church wards (like an ordinariate!), particularly considering the history of the Sacrament in the Church, like altars vein central within the ward, and specific ways of blessing the Sacrament now disused, etc, but of course, I speak from the outside.

    I wonder if it would be possible to absorb the Anglican/Episcopal traditional Liturgical Year calendar (not the RCL) in terms of Advent, Lent and so on, with the addition of liturgical celebrations of Restoration events, such as the First Vision, translation of the BOM, building of the Temple, and so on. Naturally the feasts of saints and such would largely need to be excised/altered, but there are so many Latter-day Saints who could be commemorated with feasts ( the which thought, yet again, may sound very strange to LDS ears – the feast of St. Joseph Smith, for example), but seems beautiful to me.

    In terms of personal prayer, I also wonder, in relation to your project, would it be possible to incorporate the BCP cycle of Morning and Evening Prayer, with the Scriptural readings that go along with them, with copious additions of the Standard Works to accompany OT and NT readings. Some parts would need to be altered/removed (such as the Nicene Creed) as from an LDS perspective, they represent apostasy, or differing theology, and other things would need to be added, including the articles of faith.

    It is an interesting thought!

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