John Benbow Trail Route Description

Stage 1: Benbow Pond to Bosbury (4 miles)

Stage One

Park on the lane leading to Hill Farm (HR8 1HL). The Herefordshire Trail comes near to Hill Farm and Benbow Pond and can be accessed directly from the farm. Alternatively (and more pleasantly), a series of permissive paths sponsored by Natural England link with the trail by the medieval fishpools in Fishpool Wood.

Beginning of Stage One

Once on the Herefordshire Trail, follow it until you reach the village of Bosbury.

Hill Farm and Benbow Pond

Medieval Fishpools


Stage 2: Bosbury to Wellington Heath


Wellington Heath

Stage 3: Wellington Heath to Ledbury


Stage 4: Ledbury to Chase End

The Malvern Hills

Herefordshire Beacon

Malvern Chase

The Legend of the Raggedstone

Piers Plowman

Stage 5: Chase End to Gadfield Elm



Gadbury Bank

Gadfield Elm