BCC Zeitcast 66: Movies & Mormons

In this episode, Scott B. is joined in the virtual studio by Robert Moncrief, a young LDS film maker in Southern California. Among other topics, they discuss Robert’s current film projects, his experiences as an LDS film student in California during Prop 8, the current state of LDS cinema, and the Mormon cultural aversion to R-rated movies. Also, they talk about the scourge to humanity that is George Lucas.

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BCC Zeitcast 44: Doh! A Deer!

Download this episode (right click and save) In this edition of the BCC Zeitcast, Scott B. and John C. aim to be less boring than the last episode and discuss Sunday School, Valentine’s Day activities in Utah Valley, Deer Hunting, and more Deer Hunting. Also, John C. pretends to be Ronan. ‘s Brilliant, Mate!!

Also, as a one-time bonus, there is a really awkward 10 second long silent period around the 6:50 mark! I have corrected the silent stretch, and changed the MP3 file name to be more user friendly.

Only a Few Deer Were Harmed in Connection with this Zeitcast

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BCC Zeitcast 43: The Return of Ronan

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Just in time for Christmas, Scott, Kathy, and Ronan trim your trees and stuff your stockings with unapologetically long and boring banter about Band-Aid, Bond, and Babes. Also, Ronan makes Kathy weak in the knees, first by singing, and later by reading from 2 Nephi. Ronan and Scott try to talk about the Seven Habits of High Effective Churches until Kathy forces them to quit, after which Scott discusses why Christmas is dead to him, Ronan teaches us about his key ingredients to clever, meaningful gift-giving (deception, theft, and being cheap), and Kathy spends thousands of dollars for a free iPod.

A Topless Simon Cowell

A Topless Daniel Craig

Links for your convenience:
1. Do They Know it’s Christmas?
2. Christmas Number One Singles in the UK
3. MI6, the Home of James Bond
4. The Fat Conductor
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BCC Zeitcast 42: Cooking With Booze

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After last week’s excitement, we felt that a quick turnaround was needed to keep the children happy before Christmas, and a bonus Zeitcast/Poll Combination should do the trick. In this edition, Scott B. and Cynthia L. sever ties with Tiger Woods before discussing Stake Christmas concerts and engaging moral dilemmas about shopping on Sunday, babysitting, and cooking with alcohol. Cynthia then sets forth judgment on the Bloggernacle’s status as a full tithe payer.

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BCC Zeitcast 41: The Worst Christmas Present Ever

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The long promised return of the BCC Zeitcast is upon us, for better or for worse. In this shortened first installment[1], Scott B. and Kathryn Soper discuss Christmas present disappointments, Scott’s lack of film chops, and the magnificence of President Uchtdorf’s teeth (and tan. and hair. and style.)

Links for your convenience:
1. Steve Evans’ recent post at Kulturblog
2. 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional

The list of films, from which Steve Evans commanded me to watch at least five this week:

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey
2. Dr. Strangelove
3. Rear Window
4. The Searchers
5. Blade Runner
6. Lawrence of Arabia
7. Double Indemnity
8. Touch of Evil
9. The 400 Blows
10. Seven Samurai

[1]This Zeitcast has been modified from its earlier incarnation. It has been formatted for your TV, edited for time, and edited for content.

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