Farewell, Golden Toaster

“There’s a shortage of non-cookie-cutter LDS chapels in this world. It would be a pity to damage this one.”

The LDS Church and Utah State University agreed to swap some real estate a couple of days ago. While it may not be as familiar to many Mormons as the Salt Lake Tabernacle, the “Golden Toaster” chapel has been a part of LDS student life at Utah State University for generations. [Read more…]

In Memoriam: The Cambridge (Mass) Chapel

The LDS Chapel on Longfellow Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts started on fire this morning. Various eyewitnesses have emailed alumni/ae of the wards that meet and have met in the building over the years. As of 12:34 EST, none of us knows anything about cause. While I’m sure that the details will soon be sorted out, I wanted to open this post as a space to remember that chapel. While I know this sounds melodramatic, I’m feeling really quite sad about this and suspect there are others mourning today. Go ahead and share your memories.

Updates: FPR had initial Blogdom coverage, the roof has collapsed but the brick walls still stand, many though not all of the library books are being preserved, area churches have graciously offered their support, and the current best guess is an electrical fire that started in the attic. One memorable moment was the retrieval, intact, of a painting of Jesus counseling with the rich man, by firefighters.