When the Jay Dubs Came to Call

A few years ago, we were upgrading our house, and I fell in love with these modern cut glass doors that we installed. Because of the pattern of the glass, you can see shapes moving inside, so it’s obvious if we are home. I was running late to leave for the office when the doorbell rang.

As missionaries, we called the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs in English for short), the TJs (Testigos de Jehovah). Since they were also door-to-door proselytizers in a predominantly Catholic country, we felt like competitors, or at times comrades-at-arms. We were told they tithe in their time, giving 10% of their personal time to proselyting. I’m not normally home during the day, but I have run into them a few times as I’ve been leaving the house. [Read more…]